Mission Of Proclaim Africa

The mission of Proclaim-Africa is to help fulfill Christ’s Great Commission in Uganda and beyond by:

  1. Helping pastors and other church leaders become more competent and effective in biblical preaching and other aspects of ministry.
  2. Helping believers become articulate in their biblical and theological understanding.
  3. Giving appropriate ministry training to believers to enable them to engage in fruitful evangelism, discipleship, and mentoring.
  4. Developing a special ministry to men, seeking to spur them to become men of honor who exemplify godly character in their homes, places of work, church and society.
  5. Encouraging and equipping pastors’ wives to be effective as they minister alongside their pastor-husbands.
  6. Encouraging Christian women leaders in their walk with the Lord and witness for Him.
  7. Helping to strengthen Christian families.
  8. Providing the Ugandan Christian community with relevant and sound Christian literature and other materials that will help them grow spiritually and equip them with ministry skills to reach their spheres of influence for Christ.
  9. Spurring Ugandan believers to engage in missions at home and abroad with enthusiasm and creativity.
  10. Engage in ministry partnership with churches, mission organizations and other entities whose aims and objectives are similar to those of Proclaim Africa.
  11. Carrying out various holistic practical ministry ventures that will help provide solutions that will foster wiser and happier living in Uganda and the world.

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