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Uganda Romans Project (RP) and In-depth Bible Studies (IDBS) Update  Jan- May 15th 2022


Warm greetings from Uganda!

Our sincere apologies, for the gap in our reporting.  All inconveniences deeply regretted.

We thank God that some of our local teams are still continuing with the good work of following up participants in their individual groups.  These volunteers, who benefited from The Romans Project, are so passionate about recruiting others and follow them up even before airtime is sent to them. Actually, some of have shared how they put in their own transport and airtime to follow up participants.  We praise the Lord for their commitment to do God’s work.  Here under are updates received from some regions?

 Northern Uganda

According to Pastor Alex Okello, our Northern Region Coordinator,

  • Greater Kitgum (.e Pader, Lamwo, Kigtum and Agago districts):
    • Francis Kidega reading Romans, so far 13 times and beginning to hand-copy
    • James Lunyera reading Romans, so far 03 times. He began teaching series on Romans on 11th April 2022, expecting massive recruitment.
    • Joel Mwaka reading Romans so far 13 times.
    • John reading Romans, so far 04 times.


  • Amuru District: Apaa PAG

Pr. Martin Ocaya has read the Book of Romans 20 times in 2020 waiting for graduation. There are also twenty (20) people who completed The Invitation to Abide, ready for graduation.


  • Pader District:

Obua Anthony from Pentecostal Assemblies of God Rackoko has ten (10)young adults involved in Invitation to Abide and 05 (five) involved in Colossian Challenge.


  • Gulu City: PAG Kirombe Church:
    • Julius a teacher doing Romans Project has read 20 times, about to complete hand-copying.

Eastern Uganda

In Soroti City, MaxPaul, our volunteer and RP completer plus all extra books, reported that he has a group of thirty (30) people doing Romans Project.  So far, three (03) have completed their assignments; others were affected by lockdown and went upcountry; it’s been difficult connecting on phone. He plans to try possible ways to reconnect with them.

Furthermore, in Soroti: Gorret, our volunteer and RP/CC completer, is now reading 1 Thessalonians, so far 08 times.  She has three (03) people doing Colossians Challenge.  Through her ministry in the community, God touched her to take on a young man whose both parents died and was left helpless because none of his relatives had shown concern.  She shared with us the painful story of Okello Eku Musa – formerly Muslim (she calls him Moses).  Gorret testifies that God answered our prayers, currently, the uncles have agreed to pay for his school fees and now Moses is boarding school, senior six. Thanks to the Father of the fatherless!

From Busia town (boardering Kenya), Jovia, based in the central region, reports that one lady Agatha who completed RP and graduated in December 2021, is now reading Ephesians, so far 02 times.

Furthermore, in Busia, Pr. Bwire Chris, our Local Area Committee Chairman, has health challenges, gone through Eye-surgery that was not done well, now soliciting for funds to repeat the Eye- surgery. 


In Mbale City, Pr. Gilbert Akol, our Key/Point Person for Eastern region, early this year, was attacked by robbers on his way back home and lost his personal valuable: smart-phone and laptop. The robbers hit his head with an iron bar which affected his ears and sight. He has been on medication with slow recovery and still needs to go further assessment.

In Mbale still, Rev. Michael Musingo, our Local Area Committee Chairman, also has had health challenges, was hospitalized, though now discharged, but is still very weak.

Mrs.Violet Wanjala, our volunteer in Mbale is also is still recovering from acute ulcers.  Violet gave updates of her group as follows: three (03) people reading Romans; one has read 10 times; the other two have read 14 times.  Four (04) people reading Colossians: three (03) have read 14 times, one (01) has read 15 times. One person is reading Ephesians, so far read 13 times.


Furthermore, in Mbale, Rev. Yokoyada who completed RP and graduated in February 2021 has finished three extra books: Luke read 20 times and hand-copied 24 chapters, has also read Ephesians 20 times and hand-copied 06 chapters. He has read Colossians 20 times and hand-copied 04 chapters.

Rev. Yokoyada has a group of ten (10) people reading Romans; he is to check on their progress.

James Auma, from Mbale, completed RP and graduated in February 2021, now reading Luke, so far 10 times.  He says that book of Luke is teaching him about the “Life of Jesus on earth and His Ministry; how he taught people to put their faith in God” In addition, James has Online ministry, sharing from the book of Romans.  He now plans to connect physically with some of his friends who have been following him online.

Another James, a teacher from Mbale, (recruited by Phoebe Pioneer RP completer 2012) has finished reading Romans 20 times, so far has hand-copied 09 chapters.


Southern (Central) Uganda

In Lungala – Mpigi, Ms. Jovia, based in Kampala, reports that one lady, Rita who completed RP and graduated in December 2021, is now doing The Colossian Challenge has so far  read 11 times.

Pastors Alex Tumwesigye and Simon Tumukwasibwe, our point persons in Lungala-Mpigi gave updates on the RP participants who committed in December 2021. The highest person has read 08 (eight) times, another one has read seven (07) times, four have read four (04) times. The majority of participants are in their 3rd reading.

One (1) doing Colossians Challenge has finished reading twenty (20) time, other were still in their 2nd reading and need a lot of encouragement.  Pr. Alex has plans to give personal visit to individuals and encourage them to do better.

Bujuuko Group:   Juliet, a teacher at God’s way Bujuuko Primary School, had stopped at 13th time of Reading the book of Romans.  She was motivated to resume and finish all assignments.  Juliet testifies of the blessings experienced from truths revealed in the book of Romans which has brought transformation in her life. Romans chapter 7 taught her how to deal with the sinful nature as identifies weak points in her life, she discovered that it’s only through trusting Christ Jesus that she can experience victory over the sinful nature.  In chapter 8, after discovering that nothing shall separate her from the love of God, she made a vow to God that even if storms of life come, she will still follow Christ. Because there is no victory without a battle and every testimony comes from a test and trials are meant to strengthen the believer’s faith to trust God more.  She referred to Jesus’ words in John 16:33. “In the world you will have trouble, but take heart, for I have overcome the world.”  In Chapter 12, Juliet learnt that she has to continually present her body to God daily, and keep herself pure, not to follow the pattern of the world.  For example: dress code, even funny language copied from nonbelievers nowadays; words like: Alina work (where did it come from and what spirit is behind it??), okuyiwawo’mubiri as a way of saying: we are with you – one could easily enter evil agreements through those worldly slangs when you don’t even know what you are committing yourself into.  As children of God, we should not copy worldly language, but speak kingdom language through the renewing our minds and always seek God’s will in everything.

Juliet has recruited three (03) teachers to read the Books of Romans and will be meeting regularly to share their personal experience.

Furthermore, still in Bujuuko, these hereunder had relaxed in their reading; but have been encouraged to resume their assignments and complete the Romans Project:-

  • Henry – reading Romans, so far 13 times
  • Anthony reading Romans, so 07 times.


  • Asiimwe Jackson, the one who organized our first vision meeting in Kyegegwa in 2016, Jovia called him on last Friday 13th May 2022, and found when he had just lost his father, and was not able to get any updates. Pray for him and the family.


  • Julius Orikyiriza our volunteers sent us update on his group as follows:
    • Edson reading Romans, so far 17 times and has hand-copied 10 chapters.
    • Nebert reading Romans, so far 09 times and finished hand-copying 16 chapters
    • Edina reading Romans, so far 07 times and finished hand-copying 16 chapters
    • Odith reading Romans, so far 18 times and finished hand-copying 16 chapters

Odith has completed reading Colossians 20 times and finished hand-copying 04 chapters

  • Pamera reading Romans, so far 09 times and finished hand-copying 16 chapters

Pamera reading Colossians, so far 12 times and finished hand-copying 04 chapters

Pamera is now reading Luke, so far 03 times.

  • Julius Orikyiriza completed Romans 20 times and hand-copied 16 chapters
  • Julius Orikyiriza completed Colossians 20 times and hand-copied 04 chapters.


Pastoring Couples:  Rev. Arthur Kasapuri from Pastoring Couples’ Conference (PCC) who completed RP and started reading Luke, has so far read 08 (eight) times.

Arthur’s wife, Elvah Kasapuri has completed The Colossian Challenge: reading 20 times and hand-copying the four chapters. Elvah shares key verses that challenged her heart regarding how to relate with others: to be clothed with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Forgiving and bearing with each other in love and to always speak gracious words to everyone whom God brings in our lives to be encouraged by our words. (Colossians 3:12-14 and Chapter 4:6)

Joyce Okello finished Romans reading Romans 20 times and has hand-copied 15 chapters.

Women of Excellence:  Early this year, Dr. Lazarus Seruyange shared with the ladies during their quarterly Day of Prayer about the importance of in-depth Bible study.  One lady committed to The Colossian Challenge, some others were already involved and others had completed CC already graduated.

Namirembe Revival Leaders Conference: These were key leaders who gathered in Central region, at Kitende, where Dr. Lazarus Seruyange was given the opportunity to teach two topics: Bible study and sermon preparation. The leaders were motivated about in-depth Bible study, and a result fifty four (54) committed The Colossian Challenge.

We give glory to God and trust him for great exploits in the future.


Rev. Allan Koki              Dr. Lazarus Seruyange                               Ms. Jovia Nuwagaba

Former coordinator          Executive Director                                                 Administrative Secretary

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