Chosen Women of Africa Ministry; is a ministry dedicated to Pastor’s wives.  These are leaders in a special category by virtue of their roles as pastor’s/church leader’s wives.  They have their unique challenges and needs which can only be met through this specially designed ministry for them, Chosen Women of Africa (CWA).  We strive to encourage godly pastor’s/church leader’s wives with a vision and passion for ministry through which God has called them to work alongside their husbands for the mobilization of churches for the fulfillment of the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ in Africa.


This ministry was first launched in Nairobi, Kenya on 10th June 1995 at the Nairobi International School of Theology (NIST) a Graduate Seminary, where Dr. Lazarus Seruyange was Principle and worked with Mrs. Lois Seruyange the Vision Bearer. Mrs. Lois Seruyange and committee also later launched it in Uganda in March 2003 as well as in Dar es Salam, Tanzania in April 2003. However, only two, Kenya led by Pastor, Mrs. Ada Adoyo and Uganda led by Mrs. Lois Seruyange and committee are the two which are going on and doing very well.

Vision: To encourage Godly Pastors’ Wives with a vision and passion for ministries God has called them to; Pastors Wives working alongside their husbands for the mobilization of churches for the fulfilment of the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, in Uganda, Africa and beyond. We believe that ministry is partnership.   If the Pastoring couple is strong and working as a team, the family will be strong and this will culminate into a strong church which will a strong church which will in turn strengthen the nation(s).

We praise God for the way He has used this ministry, since it’s inception, in the lives of hundreds of Pastors Wives to impart vision for strong husband wife relationships and partnership in ministries. If the Pastoring couple is doing well then the family will do well as their church momentous events of the year.

We hold an annual Pastors Wives Retreat every year. Our main venue is NARO, Mukono, and our program usually includes; Bible Teaching, Women Health teaching, imparting ministry skills as well as imparting practical training in income generating projects.

The Retreats are normally held in May each year, May 4th – 7th  In 2011 we had our first retreat with Proclaim-Africa which was attended by over one hundred Pastors’ Wives. Three of these traveled from Kenya to come, one of whom was one of the facilitators.

Morning devotions from the book of Colossians were led by Dr. Lazarus Seruyange. Then Dr. Sheila Ndyanabangi dealt with the “Phase of a woman’s life.” Mrs. Elsy Luingu spoke on “Resting in God’s Sovereignty”. Mrs. Lois Seruyange spoke on “Our identity in Christ as Pastors’ Wives” Mrs. Barbra Tirisoniwa and Mrs Edith Mwenge taught “Skills in counselling”

Below are two testimonies of women from the Chosen Women of Africa Retreat May 2011.

One Said, “I have never been to a conference of Pastors’ Wives like this one; where women from different churches and Denominations come together! Being here with all these ladies makes our sisterhood in Christ a reality for me! I will always come!

Another one said: The topics covered were so good! They will help me to support my husband in ministry.

Another Said, Counseling and devotion sessions were good. However, I needed more details in Marital Counseling.

Our workshop on “Nutrition and Health” was taught by Mrs. Mugabi of Baptist church Nakawa.

The Pastors’ wives go away stimulated and ready to put in practice what they have learnt whenever they come for these conferences. The evaluations feedback from the participants is always very encouraging. Praise God!!


First ever Pastoring Couples Retreat: May 7th – 11th 2012 :As a result of the Pastors’ Wives Conferences our desire and plea accompanied with prayer, we were thrilled to hold our first Pastoring Couples Conference 2012.

The total attendance was 115, conferees. The main speakers were; Dr. Bob Shirock and Mrs. Shirock. They put emphasis on the relationships of husband and wife and how it must be right. God’s word exhorts married people to attend to their earthly responsibilities. (1 Corinthians 7).

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