Women ministry:

Proclaim-Africa Women’s Ministry is coordinated by Mrs. Lois Seruyange.   It targets Christian Women Leaders/Professionals in various leadership positions and areas of influence in the evangelical churches of Jesus Christ because we believe that at whatever level, they are the influencers, pacesetters and mobilizers.   They are movers of families, communities and society.    Christian leaders are appointed and set up by God to act on His behalf as we read in Romans 13:1“… for there is no authority except that which God has established…”  therefore, if well trained and equipped for ministry, women leaders will make a strong impact on their communities. In order for Christian women leaders to influence others for God, with godly values, they need to be growing in excellence in their knowledge of God and in His word.   Women leaders need to cultivate a godly attitude and motives so as to inculcate the same in our children, families and our society.

The Rationale for this ministry is as follows:

1.Most, if not all, church congregations comprise of 60-70% women. In fact, we are told that globally, statistics show that overall, women are more than men. No wonder the percentage of women in churches far exceeds that of men!

2,By nature, women’s needs are most effectively met by fellow women.

3.Women are nurturers of life and natural influencers, thus they need to get the spiritual building information and help in order to carry out this God-given Role rightly and effectively. In addition, women need support emotionally by fellow women with their gifted intuitiveness.

4. Women are natural teachers and educators right from their homes. They also pass on information easily. A Chinese Educator observed this; when you educate a man, you educate an individual but when you educate a woman you educate family and society. Thus, they need to be equipped for this task of teaching others.

5. Women are vulnerable. They can easily be victimized by men especially in times of war – as they protect their children to safety and so on.

6. It takes a trained spiritually mature fellow woman to come along such traumatized woman in order to minister and counsel her effectively.

7. Thus Proclaim–Africa Women’s Ministry seeks to come alongside women to encourage, equip and minister to them in the face of these needs and more by trained and equipped fellow women.


Women’s Ministries focuses on two main ministries to Christian Women from various Evangelical Churches who are in church leadership positions in these two categories:-

1.Women of Excellence.

2.Chosen Women for Africa.



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