Why University Ministry?

  1. It is important to think in the first place who are the people in the Universities and who are we targeting for this ministry program.
  2. Universities have students that are 90% youth of age between 17 and 30.
  3. This age is unfortunately targeted by many wrong people that include sugar daddy’s and mummy’s. Also to that we witness buses that take students to night clubs and some of these services are offered free to the students. As if that is not enough it is discovered that some students learn bad social behaviors like prostitution, homosexuality and drug addiction.
  4. At this age it is a right time to mentor youth so as to be active in transforming their communities and churches and work places. But unfortunately because these youth have wasted their time in things that do not impact their social life positively, many instead have ended up becoming less effective and burden to the country.
  5. Being that the venue where the students will be fellowshipping is the office premises, we are devoted to extending our services to the five universities on Ggaba road where the office is located (Kansanga oop Bank of Baroda);
  6. We have specific ministry program for the university that include In-depth Bibles study programs : the students will be exposed to complete work of the Holy spirit through the repetitive reading and study of the scriptures and outreaches.
  7. Some of the challenges faced by the university students like drug addiction and social problems will be tackled by inviting speakers of great influence and counselors to speak to them.
  8. The Main goal for students at universities is academics but we want to provide an extra opportunity for students to improve their relationship with God. We realize that educating the mind without improve of spiritual life of the person will just be increasing of the social problems that Uganda is already facing.
  9. This ministry program will require every interested student to sign us for 2 hours each week for3 years.
  10. Each level with different topics will run for duration of a semester.
  11. At the end of this program a student will be expected to be involved in the community leadership and church ministry where they come from. There will be complete growth in their relationship with the Lord and growth in knowing the scriptures and how to evangelize to others.

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