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Dear brethren in Christ,

Praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank Him for the protection and providence that He has ably offered to us all and you especially during this period of the epidemic outbreak. We continue to encourage you to keep safe wherever you are.

this is to humbly inform you that, due to the dangerous new wave of COVID-19, the thanksgiving celebrations will not take place on the actual day of 27th June as earlier on communicated, but they will be modified as we go along with the “New Normal”. we promise to update you on any changes developed. Stay safe and be blessed.

Some of the Board members.


    Women of Excellence ministry

    This year, 2021 was our Uganda National year of Elections of the National Political leaders; the new president and other civic leaders from the various political parties.

    In December and January, when campaigns by political parties were going on, there was a sense of insecurity. So, the Women of Excellence committee resorted to prayer for campaigns. The idea and plan were declared to the Women of Excellence forum and was embraced.

    The date for the Day of Prayer and Fasting was decided for 9th Jan 2021

    Our theme was “Where does our help come from” (Psalms121:1-2)

    We held it on our Women of Excellence Forum

    Our Devotional Speaker was Dr. Canon Mrs. Rebecca Nyegenye

    Unfortunately, that was the day we buried my brother, so I missed the meeting

    We praise God that one of the members of Women of Excellence was willing to foot the Day’s cost. It takes quite a bit of money to cover the costs of Data, Airtime and sms to run the Day of Prayer

    Those who participated were about 80 ladies in number

    We praise God for using our Speaker, Dr. Canon. Mrs. Rebecca Nyegenye effectively to us, especially as Women, She pointed us to God in those times of perplexity and weeping and looking for where to get help; when we are tempted to look to achievements or fame or humans. She emphasized that the only place to look as the psalmist said is the LORD, Maker of heaven and earth in Psalm 121:2-3 “My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip – He, who watches over you, will not slumber; …”

    She reminded us that the LORD is ever present with us. He does not slumber or sleep. He does not get tired or forget us. He cares for us.

    Her sharing was indeed motivational!

    BY Mrs. LOIS SERUYANGE coordinator and Chairperson

  • Women’s Ministry

    Women of Excellence ministry report


    We held our last quarterly Day of Prayer and fasting of 2020 on 7th November. We held it virtually, on whatsapp forum.  However, this time, we increased time from two hours as previously to three hours duration; ie 9am to 12noon.

    Invitations were sent out to all ladies who have attended our conferences and are on whatsapp. 75 attended.

    Theme: Our Theme for this day was The Responsibilities of the Righteous when the foundations are shaken based on Psalm 11:3

    Speaker: Our Devotional Speaker was Prof. Mrs.  MONICA CHIBITA


    Technology team comprised of  Ms. Musenero Prossy and Mr. Kamba Ivan

    The Speaker was such an effective speaker, and challenging, too, as she reminded us of where we, as Ugandans came from, as far as our spiritual roots were concerned. The Uganda Martyrs resolved to live for Christ and honor God, and refused to live by traditional beliefs! She also pointed out as to how that resolves of the Martyrs, bathed in the East African spiritual which broke out in the 1930’s influenced our country Uganda Moto. “For God and my Country” and our National Anthem “Oh Uganda my God uphold, we —”

    She challenged us about the complacence and diminished fear of God in this generation.

    She pointed out the fact that these are the days when there is such familiarity with the Name of the Lord; people calling businesses eg “El Shadi— or Jehovah Shamma—” etc

    She said that what is going on and more shows us, obviously that the foundations on the word of God, are being shaken.


    What is the responsibility of the Righteous?

    She quoted from our theme Psalm 11:1-4

    “In the Lord I take refuge. How then can you say to me: Flee like a bird to your mountain? 2 For look, the wicked bend their bows; they set their arrows against the strings, to shoot from the shadows at the upright in heart.”

    Vs 4 “The Lord is in His Holy Temple; The Lord is on His Heavenly Throne!”

    This assures us that the Lord is in charge of His World. Therefore, we will not fear when the foundations are shaken. We will stand firm in Him, trust in Him and do our part of living for Him and doing exploits for Him.

    We praise God and thank Him for His presence with us, both in listening to His word and learning, and for the assurance of answered prayer.

    From Mrs. LOIS SERUYANGE – coordinator and chairperson of this ministry.



    Uganda Romans Project Report for December 2020


    Recruits: 7 church leaders were recruited to the Abide Challenge in Lira City; 34 brethren signed up for the Abide Challenge in Gulu. 4 recruited to RP in Gulu by 2 completers.

    Follow –Ups: 24 church leaders were followed up in Soroti in preparation for graduation or award of certificates; 22 brethren are still working on completing the Abide challenge in my home neighborhood at Eternal Life Worship Church of Christ; 26 church leaders in Gulu still hand copying after completion of reading 20 times.

    Completers: In Lira city, 14 completed the RP but only 7 were able to turn up to receive their certificates and MP3s; 3 others completed the Colossian Challenge; in Gulu city, 5 church leaders graduated from the RP, 2 in Ephesians, and 7 in the Colossian challenge.


      1. A youth Pastor called Geoffrey from Gulu formed a whatsapp group for the Northern Uganda Region Abide Challenge participants and our Northern Region Coordinator, Pr. Alex Okello is on board too to give guidance and encouragement. One church leader, Rev. Alfred, our Lira city volunteer noted that there was more emphasis on reading the passages in the Abide challenge than the writing but Pr. Alex and others will follow-up on that.

    Pastor Okullu Alex Patrick of Greater Love Gospel Church, Gulu was appreciative of God’s grace upon his life and our ministry’s impartation of the Scriptures and says that participating in the RP led to: “Increase of inner man, that is, my spiritual life in Christ; Gave more encouragement to both me and my friends in the Lord; Souls got saved during preaching in Romans; I have memorized Romans 10:1, 3:23, 6:23. I also read another Bible book in the same way, that is, Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians.

    Pastor Kilama Johnson of the Assemblies of God from Elegu, a northern border town with South Sudan did the RP in Luo language and took 2 months to hand copy the same; memorized Rom. 10:9-10 & 3:19 -23. And he also preached to 20 people from Romans 1:16-17 and 5 people got saved. He also encouraged his friends to read Romans as he had done and 2 began. He is going on to read Ephesians.

    Pastor Bongomin Charles, a Bible Teacher from Attiak Assemblies of God also did the RP using the Luo language and it took him 21 days to hand copy the book of Romans. He memorized Romans 3:23, and 15:5. As he read through Romans 20 times, he preached 5 sermons and of the 15 people he preached to, 3 of them got saved. He also encouraged some friends to read Romans and 2 of them begun. At some point whilst he did the RP, when he found the first two rounds of reading difficult to complete reading the entire book of Romans, he had to employ prayer and fasting in order to be empowered to read more. He now encourages us to endeavor to roll out the RP more to other Assemblies of God in the villages of Attiak.

    So, the above mentioned church leaders all received their certificates and MP3s on the 5th of December in Gulu and 4th December, 2020. We thank God for the Northern team’s efforts led by Pr. Alex D.J. Okello!

    Personal Experiences

    Personally, December was a low month for me as I was limited by the lack of finances and other resources. I really hoped to go to Eastern Uganda and participate in graduating 20 church leaders in Soroti town and more than 30 church leaders in Mbale city and motivate other RP participating leaders in Busia town but it just couldn’t work out and we don’t yet have a substantial Eastern Region representative to coordinate our work although we do hope to consolidate the efforts of our current volunteers in those areas and step up their responsibilities to enable more progress regarding those waiting to be awarded certificates and mp3s. God willing, by his grace, we will be in the Eastern region towards the end of January, 2021.

    However, I was able to encourage 6 participating church leaders by telephone and 25 others by sms and whatsapp. I appreciate that about 3 or 4 church leaders sent beautiful Christmas messages and others called. I appreciate the relationship we’ve built with the pastor of Eternal Life Worship Church of Christ in Makandwa-Kitende even as we look forward to the 22 remaining participating congregation members in the Abide challenge completing on the 15th and being awarded certificates and challenged to continue further in In-depth Bible Study.

    The RP has helped the ministry of Proclaim – Africa diligently entrench in –depth Bible Study amongst Uganda’s church leaders and we appreciate the partnership. One church leader in Mid-west Uganda so enjoyed the RP that he read it about 100 times he took notes continually as he read and when he was being awarded his certificate and mp3, a certain organization heard about him and offered to publish and print his commentary on Romans! Praise the Lord indeed!

    As a Family, we are committed to reading a passage of Scripture daily, discussing it and praying in relation to it and we appreciate RPI and PA for further inculcating this in me even as I pass it on in my family.

    We thank God for 2020 and trust him to take us higher in 2021 by his amazing grace!