After spending over thirty years with my wife Lois, working with LIFE Ministry Uganda (LMU), also internationally known as Campus Crusade for Christ; by the end of 2010, we sought the Lord’s leading on the formation of a new ministry.  When He confirmed it, we carefully thought about a suitable name to call it. At first we called it, Proclaim-Uganda, however, some people challenged us to think beyond our country and call it, “Proclaim-Africa” because, they reasoned, most likely we would be reaching beyond Ugandan boarders, hence the name— “Proclaim-Africa”.    Officially, Proclaim-Africa opened its ministry doors on February 1, 2011.  Our main offices are located at Kansanga, Flat No. 4, Lujumwa House, on Gaba Road, in the southern suburbs of Kampala.   Our ministry activities ranges from Special projects (Romans Project and Colossian Challenge), Men of honor, Chosen Women of Africa (Pastor’s wives), Women of Excellence Ministry and Children’s Ministry among others.  With our dedicated team of staff, Board of Directors and Partners, we pray that the sky would be the limit for us to accomplish what God has called us to do in His vineyard.  I pray and I implore you to walk in the Lord’s word, day-by-day meditating upon His goodness and by being a living example that bears testimony to the risen Christ, and you will see Him unveiling daily new plans for your life.   We founded Proclaim-Africa to train pastors and other church leaders in sound biblical expository preaching, to encourage believers in the study of God’s word, to minister to pastors’ wives and to professional women, and to train and encourage believers to engage in effective evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and missions.  Presently, Proclaim-Africa is operating in Eastern, Central, South Western and Mid-Western Uganda with hopes to expand to other places.  We have also held conferences in Juba, South Sudan and have had delegates from Kenya and Tanzania in some of our previous conferences.   Our prayer is that you too can be involved by participating in each of our ministry, Bible study challenges or volunteering with us.

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