Pastoring couples conference 2017


As proclaim-Africa family, we thank God for His unmerited grace that He showed to us as we were organizing the Clergy /Pastoring couple conference that was held on 9th-13 may 2017 at Rest gardens Bweyogerere. 120 people attended this conference and it’s a joy to us seeing yet again God’s servants impacted to go and be change agents in their respective churches and homes. Robert Onen a pastor in Gulu District  a passionate church planter with great enthusiasm to read God’s word testified “I am challenged to read God’s word earnestly and through this practice, God called me to plant churches “. Robert left well assured that he should serve with his wife and to challenge others to do the same.

This ministry was started by Dr and Mrs Seruyange in 2002 to date and it is held every after two years. Here different church leaders with good experience in ministry come and speak on different topics that help address some of the challenges faced by a pasturing couple in Africa.

Among the speakers were: Dr. Okwakol Michael  vice president Baptist union worldwide, made an explosion on 1Timothy, Dr. Ruth Senyonyi  Lecturer at UCU and also works with Bank of Uganda,  spoke on communication in marriage of a pastoring couple, Dr. Sheila Ndyanabangi spoke on Dealing with cancer as ministers, Dr. Lazarus seruyange also challenged the couples to read the Bible. Dr and Mrs Emma Kiwanuka who spoke on the spiritual formation I posturing family and others

The guest of honor was RT. Bishop and Mrs. Eliphazi Maari from Kampala Diocese, the Bishop gave His life testimony that left all couples inspired to continue with God’s work expressing good leadership, legacy and trusting upon God for all their provisions.

It was so evident that each Postoring couple goes through different challenges as ministers of God’s flock but as the speakers finished their talk it was easy to see each face encouraged to keep on faithfully with God’s work. It is important to know that the African pastor pores out his life to his congregation even doing lots of counseling but the challenge has been that they do not have  where they can go when themselves need counseling. Proclaim-Africa and its partners organizes such conferences every after two years to make sure that a Pastoring couple gets time to be together and also get refreshed with wisdom as they get ministered to as well.

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